Overload 2019 Graphic Desgin

It was a great experience work as an overload committee, I am proud we successfully organized the event. I also learned a lot through this bunch of works.

Website(Facebook) banner Design

Mainly used for facebook and website promotion.

Website page: https://www.overload.co.nz/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Overloadnz/

Event Flyer Design

The map layout is the hardest thing to make, lots of last-minute changes.

Overload 2019 Art compitation entries image arrangement

40 entries for this year. My job was put on all the artist name and character description for each entry.

Junji Ito Art Exhibition image arrangement

Adding copyright information for each artwork, also designed the Junji Ito’s description.

Event name card design

Japan day-blog

Congrats to my first Manga rerelease-How to make manga? Big thanks to Seong supporting me making this manga who finding all the spelling mistakes, Masa editing the videos for exhibit more about this content, also Chris who helped me a lot on story development and feed back. Glad we worked so hard for this event, hope we can work together again in the future.

10DB(1st video)

10DB is 10 dollars budget video project. Basically is what I can shoot with 10 dollars. This is the first video and I made with Five. Surprisingly the outcome is very nice.

Watch the full video: Here