10DB(1st video)

10DB is 10 dollars budget video project. Basically is what I can shoot with 10 dollars. This is the first video and I made with Five. Surprisingly the outcome is very nice.

Watch the full video: Here

AD18 AUT student project exhibition

This is an exhibition of the yr3 project. Luckily our poster for the project got chosen to print in a huge size. Thanks for all the lectures and classmates that we can run this exhibition successfully. On the below is some photo of this exhibition.

This is the huge poster it even bigger than me.

In WE632, we have posters as well. One of the computers is showing our work. I got lots of comment on our work. Thanks for the people come to this event.

At the same time, I made a booklet for the project. HERE is the digital file of the booklet.

Finally, big thanks to my teammate Pae. I cannot make this without her. Also, our gorgeous lectures who helped me bring the work ot a higher level.